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Division 34 South
Fremont High Key Club
Fremont High Key Club
Division 34 South

2017-2018 Member Contact Sheet

Hey Penguins! 

As the new term starts, we will be collecting information from every Key Clubber once again! Even if you signed the form in the past, please be sure to fill out this one as well since it will keep track of all of the members for this term only!

Click the picture above to go to the sign up sheet!

2017-2018 Officers

President: Kaitlyn Layaoen

Vice President: Vivian Tai

Secretary: André Aldana

Treasurer: Nathan Phan

Public Relations and Fundraising Chair: Joanna Wu

Webmaster: tba

Historian: tba

DCON 2017

This past weekend, DCON 2017 finally commenced, meaning that it's the end of the 2016-2017 term, and the start of the 2017-2018 term! Click the picture above to see all of the amazing pictures that our President, Kaitlyn Layaoen, took during the trip!

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key club UPDATES

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Welcome to Fremont High School's Key Club!
Here you can check upcoming events, keep up with them, sign up for events, learn what Key Club is, and contact us! Key Club is not a club where you make keys, rather create "keys" to a better community! Key Club has a plethora of opportunities and experiences such as expanding your network of friends, evolve as an extrovert, gain community service hours, and have the satisfaction that your actions are for a greater cause! Learn more about Key Club on "Members" or "About Us" on the side bar above!
Be sure to subscribe to keep up with updated events as they come up! 

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Never miss another event again!

Key Club Meeting:
Tuesdays during Lunch in the Small Auditorium (1st Semester)
Tuesdays during Lunch in Rm b-27 (2nd Semester)
Contact Andre ALdana If there is something wrong!
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